Environmentally Friendly Suet Packages

80% Less Packaging By Weight Than Suet in a Tray

Fewer Trucks on the Road

Less Energy Consumption

100% Recyclable Materials

Packaging Advantages

Easy to Tear Open, No Scissors or Knives Needed

Eliminates Greasy Handling Mess

Works with All Suet Feeders

Superior Melt-Resistant Formula

Merchandising Advantages

Vibrant Graphics Around Entire Package

Display in Boxes, Standing Up or Laying Flat

Flavors Easily Identified by Color

Attractive Display Options

Here is what customers are saying about Suet Plus

“I have just purchased a large supply of your suet blocks. I will never again buy any other brand; the easy-open, no greasy fingers feature is the best. Thanks.” Seattle, WA

“The new packaging is terrific, it is so much easier to open and fill. No mess at all and I just walked away from the feeder and the birds were there to try it. I was so impressed with the product, I decided to check out the web site and tell you what a great product you have. Thanks.” Oklee, MN

“FINALLY! Smart packaging that keeps my hands from getting greasy! Plus, as an avid recycler and environmentalist, I appreciate any company that minimally packages products! My birds LOVE your suet.” West Bloomfield, MI

“We just discovered your suet with its eco friendly packaging, and are immediate converts. Our yard birds love the suet and we love the reduction of plastic waste. I hated those trays. Thanks!”  Lawrence, KS

“This product is a great value, easy to open packages. My birds love all of the flavors.” Shreveport, LA

“This food is like a magnet for hairy, downy and red breasted woodpeckers. The package is easy to open and put in feeder with little contact.” Bensalem, PA

“I so much appreciate the packaging of your Suet Plus, with no plastic container!” Knoxville, TN

“AMAZING product! Love it! and thanks from my two pairs of pileated woodpeckers that frequent them every day! Best suet ever!” PA

“Absolutely LOVE your suet!  Have been using for several years and the birds love it. Thanks for a quality product!!!” Fairview Park, OH

“I like your eco friendly packaging and my backyard birds love your product.  We feed all year round.” Danbury, CT

“Have several woodpecker species that consume several cakes a week.  Thanks for a great product.” Bloomington, IN

“Your products are great.” Penfield, NY

“We really like using your suet cakes wrapped in a candy bar wrapper. Hated using those tubs cakes and having your hands a mess. The birds sure like your cakes.” W.H.

“I recently bought your product and I have to say the birds love it!” Millbrook, NY

“I like your no tray idea …You hit a home run with that idea.” Eastern VA

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