Dried Mealworms

7 oz. Stand Up, Resealable Pouch

Attract Insect Eating Birds

Great Source of Protein

High-Energy Snack

Also Excellent Food For Reptiles & Poultry


New 21 oz. Bag

21 oz. Stand Up, Resealable Pouch

Foraging Treat for Chickens

Great Source of Protein

High-Energy Snack


7" Metal Ring & Glass Jar Feeder

Powder Coated for Durability

Built in Hanger

High Quality Recycled Glass

Collect Multiple Feeders to Easily Connect and Display


Stainless Steel Roof Feeder

Adjustable & Locking Roof

Built in Hanger

Stainless Steel Roof

Mesh Bowl For Better Drainage

Feeding Mealworms

Dried Mealworms can be fed alone in open tray style feeders

or mixed with seed in regular seed feeders. 


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