Suet Plugs Are Great For Attracting Wild Birds

Unique Tube Shaped Suet Blends 

Wooden Feeders With Specially Drilled Holes

Packaging Advantages

Easy to Tear Open, No Scissors or Knives Needed

Vibrant Graphics Printed Around Entire Package

Superior Melt-Resistant Formula

Here is what customers are saying about Our Suet Plugs


“Love the product,” Gilbertsville, PA

“The birds simply love them,” Spring City, TN

“The birds at my feeder love them!!!" Huntington, WV

"Love your suet plugs." Nelsonville, OH

"I have to replace them every two weeks or less because the birds seem to like them so much." Sierra Vista, AZ

"We purchased your wooden suet feeder and several packages of your suet plugs... and our birds have been expressing their gratitude ever since." Larsen, WI

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